Moses and The Burning Bush: Gregory of Nyssa’s allegorization.

Some reflections on Gregory of Nyssa’s The Life of Moses,

The Burning Bush

Since a lot of the past few posts have been hovering around Exodus 3.14, I thought it might be worthwhile to read what Gregory of Nyssa had to say about the revelation of God’s ‘name’ in and through the Burning Bush.

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Sidebar: The Idea of God in (Reform) Judaism

Kearney’s discussion of rabbinic commentaries’ explorations of Exodus 3.14 have prompted me to take a little dip into Jewish theology, for a very brief moment.

So I’m looking through a few of Eugene Borowitz’s lectures in Studies in the Meaning of Judaism. From my understanding, Borowitz is writing from the Reform Jewish tradition.

The Idea of God

Until modern times it is almost impossible to find a Jewish book whose major purpose it is to expound the idea of God. (34)

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