The Two Most Important Doctrines in the World

Ran across this really great quote in a book I was reading yesterday. I cannot seem to find its actual source though:

When asked by a student why God had allows atheism and agnosticism to exist in the world, and why, indeed, it grows, Rabbi Zusya replied:

You must know that atheism and agnosticism are two of the most important doctrines in the world. Imagine if people were absolutely sure that God existed. They would see a hungry man in the street but would not feed him. They would say, ‘Don’t worry, God will provide. He will not allow a man to go hungry.’ But since we all sometimes question the existence of God, when we see another human being in need, we all run to help, because perhaps we are the only ones to assist him.


The Mountain of Divine Knowledge

The knowledge of God is a mountain steep indeed and difficult to climb–the majority of people scarcely reach its base. (78)

The ‘meat and potatoes’ of Gregory’s apophaticism

The LIfe of Moses is a really good read if you are interested in getting to know Gregory’s theology a bit better. Additionally, it is also a good read for understanding an aspect of early Christian biblical interpretation. However, I’ve read this text before for the purposes of just that. So I’m actually going to jump right to the part of the text where we get into the real core of Gregory’s apophatic theology. The section in this translation is entitled ‘The Mountain of Divine Knowledge.’

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